Infant and Pediatric Presentations

Breastfeeding for Working Moms

Going back to work and breastfeeding your baby? Join a certified lactation consultant/counselor for suggestions to help make returning work and breastfeeding easier and successful.

Breastfeeding Your Baby: Why Breast is Best and How to Get Started

Have you thought about breastfeeding your baby? Learn the benefits of breastfeeding and the risks of not breastfeeding. Certified lactation professionals will share information to help you get off to a good start with breastfeeding as well as resources to help support your decision to breastfeed.

Childhood Obesity Prevention (also available in Spanish)

In a world surrounded by unhealthy foods and little movement, come learn how to raise healthy kids with hands-on tools and the most current nutrition and movement recommendations for kids and families. This class is great for parents, caregivers, daycare providers and other health providers that work with kids and families. 

Feeding Infants and Toddlers

Eating is a big part of our daily routine. For those with a baby in the house, it can also be both overwhelming and a challenge to begin feeding an infant baby foods and dealing with picky toddlers. Learn the current recommendations and techniques for feeding an infant as well as preparing or getting through those picky years.

Good Start for You and Your Baby

If you are pregnant or thinking about pregnancy, join an exercise physiologist and registered dietitian as they answer questions and share information about staying healthy before, during and after pregnancy and getting your baby off to a good start. It is most helpful to attend this session before month six of your pregnancy.

Picky Eaters: Undoing Dinnertime Meltdowns

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? You are not alone. Join a registered dietitian specializing in feeding infants and children to learn more about how to stop the feeding wars with your picky eater. 

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