Academy of Health Sciences and Technology at Innovation Central High School

Grand Rapids Public Schools and Spectrum Health jointly support the Academy of Health Sciences and Technology at Innovation Central High School.

Building a Healthier Workforce

Schools are much more than a building where learning takes place. Schools are our community. They impact the future of who we’ll be tomorrow, in terms of our workforce, our economy and our ability to grow and thrive here.

Building a healthier staff ensures a healthier hospital setting and a healthier community in the years ahead. That’s why Spectrum Health has partnered with Grand Rapids Public Schools to develop the Academy of Health Sciences and Technology at Innovation Central High School. Adjacent to the “medical mile,” the Academy of Health Sciences and Technology has been designed to connect students with leading health care employers.

The ultimate goal of this unique partnership is to give students interested in the fields of health, science and technology preparation for their college education, as well as a jump start on a rewarding career in the fastest-growing industry in West Michigan. By pledging annual funding and dedicating a full-time employee to drive the initiative, Spectrum Health is further investing in the health of our future workforce and the place we proudly call home.

A Firsthand Look at the World of Health Care

Students enrolled at the Academy of Health Sciences and Technology will connect to the real workplace through a variety of activities and opportunities. In an interactive environment, participants will discover firsthand the challenging and exciting world of health, science and technology. Workplace experiences may include:

  • Job shadowing and observations
  • Internships and mentoring
  • Service learning
  • Tours
  • Career fairs and speakers
  • Employment

Goals of Our Partnership

The goals of the Spectrum Health/Grand Rapids Public Schools partnership include:

  • Exposing students to various health care careers
  • Increasing the number of Grand Rapids Public Schools students who choose a health care career by linking education with career skills and real-life experiences
  • Aligning the education curriculum to prepare students for the health, science and technology needs of the future
  • Employing Academy of Health Sciences and Technology students at Spectrum Health

Benefiting Students and Employers Alike

Students benefit by:

  • Developing academic and future career skills by exposure to a health sciences curriculum
  • Examining career interests, goals and abilities
  • Learning about the vast range of health careers within their chosen pathway
  • Valuing education as a lifelong process
  • Gaining knowledge through observing and interacting

Employers (and the community) benefit by:

  • Contributing to the growth of a life sciences corridor in Grand Rapids
  • Investing in the economic health of our community
  • Readying a more viable and experienced workforce
  • Diversifying their workforce, gaining opportunities for early recruitment of potential employees, and enhancing creativity and innovation in their workplaces
  • Sharing their expertise and helping to fuel ongoing interest in the field of health care

Contact Us

If you'd like to lend your time, knowledge and talents to this exclusive partnership, please contact:
Cassandra Hankins, MA, LLPC
 , Spectrum Health Healthier Communities
665 Seward Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

You can also learn more about the School of Health Science by calling 616.819.3276 or visiting Grand Rapids Public Schools.