Canister Change Collection: 

Set a goal for your school or classroom to meet over the course of 2 weeks or a month. Have students bring in loose change and empty it into the change canister. Before no time the canister will be filled and students will be able to see their progress. 

Miracle Pennies – Sabotage

The goal is to get the most positive points (pennies) in your designated collection canister. You can SABOTAGE the other collections by putting negative points (silver and paper money) in their canisters. Every penny is one positive point. Every silver coin is negative points. Every quarter is twenty five negative points, each dime is ten negative points, and so on. At the end of your program, count all of the silver coins and paper money in each collection canister to determine the negative points and count all of the pennies to determine the positive points. The team/class with the most positive points wins!

Miracle Pennies - Teacher Ambush

Choose two POPULAR staff members from your school who are willing to encourage friendly competition yet able to accept the consequences of winning. Display collection canisters for each administrator (Put their name on the canister, or even a funny picture!) Students may "vote" for the administrator of their choice by depositing spare change in the respective canister. At the end of the predetermined time period , the money is counted. The administrator who raised the most money accepts the consequences during a school assembly. Consequences could include a pie in the face, day in detention, Kiss-A-Pig, shaved mustache/head, or even a dunk tank! Have your students come up with the consequence and vote on it!

Dance Marathon:

The perfect STUDENT COUNCIL activity: High school dances are very popular events! For one of the school annual dances, hold a Dance Marathon where the proceeds, or a portion, go to the Helen DeVos Children's hospital. This can be a student run activity, which will teach your students the value of giving back! Challenge the students to stay until the end and DANCE for the kids! 

$1 Icons:

Caring Kids Icons are a fun visual way to promote giving! These are sold for $1 each. Students write their names on these and can even decorate them! The icons can be posted in the hallways or in a classroom. Try using these as a goal-setting exercise and see how many icons it takes to go around your entire room or building!