Pennock Pediatric Guild Cares for Littlest Patients

Gifts Over the Years Have Touched the Lives of Newborns

The Spectrum Health Pennock Pediatric Guild was founded by five members in 1972. Since then, the guild membership has grown to as many as 36 women. “I’ve been involved with the guild for 40 years,” said Ruth Hokanson, guild president. “I never had children of my own and this is a meaningful way to make a difference in my life and the lives of our littlest patients.” The pediatric guild stays faithful to their efforts in providing generous donations to Spectrum Health Pennock by coordinating bake sales, craft shows and various fundraisers throughout the year.

Donations provided by the Pennock Pediatric Guild fill the hearts of even the littlest patients. Their most recent donation provided two new digital baby scales, replacing the first digital scales they purchased in 1987. “The new scales enhance the patient experience,” said Hollie Raffler, registered nurse. “We have one in the nursery and one we bring into the mother’s room—minimizing the separation from the baby.”

Thank you to the Pennock Pediatric Guild for providing more than $30,000 in educational supplies and videos, rocking chairs, feeding spoons, strollers, toys, baby socks, mittens, and so much more. Your thoughtfulness is touching the lives of our newborns. “We love our community hospital,” says Ruth. “I was born here and my great-aunt was born here. My heart is here.”