Secret shopper

You can help recognize terrific team members that support Helen DeVos Children's Hospital! Sign up to receive your packet and become a Secret Shopper.

Secret Shopper

It feels good to recognize someone and it feels good to be recognized. That is why we have created the Secret Shopper Program to help steward our Children’s Miracle Network partners team members.

When you sign up to become a secret shopper, we will mail you a packet that includes 5 terrific team member awards and 5 CMN keychains. This will be in an envelope that you will easily be able to keep in your vehicle to access.

When you are shopping at a corporate partner location that is fundraising for HDVCH, you can help recognize and steward the amazing team members who are making an effort to ask for donations in support of the hospital. Examples include:

  • Being asked by your cashier if you would like to donate
  • Team members dressed up in theme to encourage donations
  • Team members staffing a table and selling special items for donations
  • Or anything in between

Four steps for success

When in-store, follow these four easy steps for presenting your secret shopper certificate.

  1. Introduce yourself and thank the team member for asking customers for donations and supporting Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.
  2. Present the team member with the certificate and keychain to express your gratitude for their support.
  3. Ask the team member if they would give consent to let you take a photo of them with their certificate and keychain.
  4. Gather contact details from the team member. Use our online form (link below) to submit your notes, along with the photo(s).
Secret Shopper Handing Out Awards

Photo suggestions

Follow these suggestions to make your experience as easy as possible:

  • Please take a minimum of two photos (up to five) of the team member(s) accepting the certificate and key chain - one vertical photo and one horizontal photo.
    • Feel free to get a photo of yourself with the team member(s) for submission as well.
  • Leave adequate space around your subject(s) to allow for photo cropping.
  • Do your best to frame the photo(s) only around you the team member(s) you are taking the photo of (no customers, or others that do not want their pictures taken in the background).
  • Avoid overly distracting backgrounds if possible. Do not include photos that have alcohol, tobacco or other similar items on display.

Need to talk with our team?

Click here to contact our Children's Miracle Network representative, Devin Gould.

Secret shopper - frequently asked questions

Do I need to carry the packet into a store with me?
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You can choose to either carry the packet on your person in stores you know support Helen DeVos Children's Hospital with donations, or leave it in your vehicle. This is up to personal preference.

If you choose to leave the packet in your vehicle and witness team member(s) asking for donations for the children’s hospital during your shopping trip, you can put your groceries away, grab the certificate and keychain and go back in to recognize them.