School is an important part of every child’s life, which becomes disrupted when a child is hospitalized. To bring a sense of normalcy of childhood during their hospital stay it is important that we can provide them with a connection back to their school, teachers, friends and classmates. Research has also shown that a school experience supports the healing process as they continue to achieve their academic goals while interacting with peers. Our child life teacher at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital offers academic services either in the hospital schoolroom or at the bedside, helping children stay connected to their classmates by way of technology, and communicating with the child’s school to educate them about their diagnosis and ensure that there is a workable plan for the child to continue to meet milestones. 

The child life teacher is made possible solely by philanthropic support. With your support, you will help us continue to promote positive relationships between the school and medical team, address the learning and vocational needs of our patients, and significantly reduce the number of children who are not receiving these essential services due to lack of resources available. Please help us preserve and encourage the joys of childhood and the educational milestones of as many of these brave children as possible.

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