The Office of Physician and APP Fulfillment

Our focus is on improving the well-being and professional fulfillment of our employed and independently affiliated Spectrum Health physicians and APPs.

We are facing a nationwide epidemic of physician and APP burnout. The costs of burnout include poorer quality of care for our patients, higher turnover of our physicians and APPs and increased risk of depression, anxiety and suicide. Spectrum Health is invested in improving the well-being of physicians and APPs through targeted programs and initiatives.

Our programs and initiatives

The Well-Being Index
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The Well-Being Index is a Mayo Clinic developed survey that measures six dimensions of wellbeing. Individual results are kept anonymous and confidential and provide Spectrum Health with a Mean Distress Score for each department. This information is used to create strategic reports that ultimately drive programming for high risk areas and system-wide initiatives.

      This critical tool is an individual self-assessment of your personal well-being that connects you to immediate national and local resources to support you in:

      • Emotional concerns, including stress and fatigue
      • Health behavior
      • Finances
      • Relationships and work-life balance
      • Career development
      • Organizational and leadership resources
      • Medical errors and malpractice
      • Alcohol and substance abuse
      • Suicidal thoughts

      If you're interested in taking the Well-Being Index assessment, email the The Office of Physician and APP Fulfillment at

      Well-Being Consults
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      Well-Being Consults offer short term support, motivation, and direction in addressing various aspects of work life integration with our licensed mental health provider and Caregiver Wellbeing Specialist. These consults are anonymous and confidential and available to physicians, APPs, residents, and fellows and include up to 3 sessions per life event. Topics of focus may include:

      • Self-advocacy
      • Self-care
      • Work life balance
      • Professional Fulfillment
      • Mindfulness
      • Resilience
      • Burnout
      • Self-compassion
      • Compassion fatigue
      • And more

      Well-Being Consults are perfect for the busy professional who is interested in connecting on aspects of personal well-being in a convenient and concise way. The overarching goal of this offering is to help foster resilience, well-being, and growth of our staff as individuals and professionals.

      How do I sign up?

      Sign up for an initial consult with our licensed mental health provider by reaching out directly to our office via email at or via phone at 616.267.9400.

      You can also schedule directly through our booking calendar.
      Need ongoing support beyond 1-3 sessions?

      Well-Being Consults are not intended to replace therapy. If ongoing therapy is desired instead of or after completion of Well-Being Consults - our team can help navigate connecting you to additional resources that best meet your individual needs.

      Wellness Wednesdays
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      Join the Office of Physician & APP Fulfillment every Wednesday at noon where Well-Being Experts, Mental Health Professionals, Certified Development coaches speak on topics that may resonate with you. These facilitated discussions are meant to provide bite-sized content focused on well-being and give space for connection with colleagues across the system.


      • Meaning in Work
      • Mindfulness
      • Self-Compassion
      • Relationships and Support at Work
      • Work/Life Satisfaction
      • Unconscious Bias 
      • Imposter Syndrome 
      • Well-Being Resources at Spectrum Health and in the community 
      • And More!

      When: Every Wednesday from 12-1pm 

      Where: Virtual via Microsoft Teams! 

      How do I sign up? Email to sign up!

      Who: Wellness Wednesday is open to all physicians, APPs, residents, and fellows - both employed and independently affiliated.

      Practice Wellness Sessions
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      Practice Wellness Sessions are topic-based facilitated conversations, tailored to meet the needs of your team. The hour-long session provides opportunities to build team dynamics over breakfast or lunch, provided by The Office of Physician & APP Fulfillment. Sample topics include: 

      • Physician & APP Fulfillment 
      • Team Building 
      • Values Clarification (Team-Based) 
      • Compassion Fatigue + Doctor Google 
      • Trauma in Healthcare

      What your colleagues are saying!

      • 100% of attendees either strongly agreed or agreed that the session they attended was worth their time and that that having protected time to discuss well-being and support with their team was appreciated.
      • 90% of attendees either ​​​​​​​strongly agreed or agreed that in comparison to how they felt prior to the session, they are now more likely to seek help for symptoms of burnout.
      Caregiver Peer Support Program
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      The Peer Support program connects you to a trained peer supporter who is a fellow physician or APP and someone with similar work experiences.  The goal is to connect you with someone who truly gets it and can help you process the complexities that so often come from working in healthcare.

      When to reach out and how it works

      Peer support can be utilized whenever someone is struggling with chronic stress, compassion fatigue, or burnout. Examples may include:

      • Involvement in an adverse event
      • A challenging patient outcome
      • Patient aggression
      • Litigation, or 
      • Crisis relief work

      Peer support is completely confidential and is a crucial tenet of our program. There is no documentation of the session and no tracking of personal information (including names). Peer supporters will activate the Blue Envelope Workflow if an individual is expressing concerns about self-harm.

      After you contact us, you will be sent an intake form that includes minimal information in order to create the best match. Our Office of Physician and APP Fulfillment team will utilize that information to match you with someone who is available to meet within 24-72 hours.

      Need peer support or interested in becoming a peer supporter?

      It's easy to reach out and get connected:

      Call: 616.267.9400

      MED+UP Program
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      The MED+UP program brings small groups of physicians and APPs together monthly for conversations facilitated by a peer on topics related to professional fulfillment and meaning in work and life. It is a great opportunity to build new community and connections with colleagues in a meaningful way. This program meets for 10 months on a monthly basis and is available for CME

      This opportunity, and combined curriculum, has been initiated throughout leading health systems. ​

      1. Meaning in Work
      2. ​ Warning Signs
      3. ​ Imposter Syndrome 
      4. Reflection and Presence​
      5. Relationships at Home and at work​
      1. Trauma Exposure Response 
      2. Medical Errors and Malpractice
      3. ​ Unconscious Bias in Healthcare 
      4. A lifespan approach to one's career​
      5. Closing and reflection
      Virtual Support Groups
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      Are your team members experiencing signs of cumulative stress? This may appear in different ways such as trouble concentrating and time management challenges, increased irritability or isolation, changes in team behaviors or morale and/or emotional or physical responses to cumulative stress. 

      If so, Encompass and Lakeland Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help by providing virtual support groups to your teams. Our support groups offer a reduced sense of isolation by connecting through shared experiences, increased cohesion in the midst of a range of emotions and stress responses and emphasized resources for further emotional support as needed.

      Focus groups are designed for open processing vs. Well-Being Consults, which are topic-based facilitation.

      How to set up a virtual support group

      Encompass Employee Assistance Program: Reach out to with 2-3 dates and times that are 2-3 weeks away. You will receive confirmation of facilitator and facilitator’s email from Encompass and next steps for setting up your group meeting. 

      Lakeland Employee Assistance Program: Reach out to or call 269.428.0022 or 800.428.6216 to set up a virtual support group.

      The OPAF Coaching Program
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      The OPAF Coaching program was developed and designed to provide our physicians and advanced practice providers an innovative professional development opportunity. Through the program, participants noted an increase in overall job satisfaction, felt an increase in a sense of belonging at Spectrum Health, and most notably, decided to stay employed with the organization. Each coachee is partnered with a Certified Professional Development coach who is focused on helping them achieve their professional goals. This partnership allows our clients to make profound, lasting shifts in their lives with frequent focus on personal and professional fulfillment, career development, charting and more.

      What is professional development coaching?

      Professional development coaching may sound like a daunting term. "I don't need to be coached on how to do my job better." We get it. We think we're pretty good at our jobs too. Think of coaching less like a performance review and more like... 

      • Achieving your professional goals 
      • Flexing your communication style 
      • Improving your relationship with colleagues 
      • Identifying future possibilities 

      We're not here to coach you on how to practice medicine -- we know you've got that down! But if you're looking to find what's next in your professional journey, coaching may be for you!

      Current program offerings

      We are currently offering two Coaching interventions for both our employed and independently affiliated physicians & APPs: 

      1. Long-term Coaching Program (6 months) 
      2. Just-in-time Coaching Program (45-60 minute session on new coaching programs)

      More about us

      Key resources

      If you are struggling with burnout, chronic stress, or have experienced an adverse event, please call our Liaison Line at 616.267.9400 and we will connect you to the resources that best fit your situation.

      Group of healthcare professionals talking

      Find a list of resources below to assist you with mental health and personal resilience.

      Mental health support
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      • Benefit for Spectrum Health employees and household members
      • Each receive 7 sessions per life event
      • Services go beyond counseling
        • Life coaching, legal and financial resources, childcare/eldercare support​​​​​​​

      Lakeland EAP

      Michigan Health Professional Recovery Program

      MPIE Physician Resilience Program
      616.202.2288 (Ext 1)

      • 1:1 support with mental health professional when going through litigation
      • Litigation Stress and Peer Support Programs
      National Suicide Hotline

      ​​​​​​​Physician Support Line

      • Psychiatrists helping US physicians and medical students navigate the many intersections of personal and professional lives: Physician Support Line
        • ​​​​​​​Free and confidential
        • No appointment necessary
        • Open 7 days a week | 8:00am-1:00am EST​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

      Pine Rest Psychiatric Urgent Care

      Personal resilience
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      Mindfulness Skills Training in Medicine Course

      Priority Health

      The Office of Physician and APP Fulfillment

      Team members can access our internal page to learn more about our programs and meet our coaches.