Pediatric CAFE Archived Presentations

Never Miss a Presentation

If you missed a presentation, or want to rewatch one, find it below. 

January 2016, Dr. Mitch DeJonge | Neonatal Abstinence Syndome (NAS)


February 2016, Dr. Lisa Lowery | Update to STD Guidelines


March 2016, Dr. Daliya Khuon | Zika Virus


April 2016, Dr. Brett Leingang | Managing Difficult Headaches


May 2016, Dr. John Kemppainen | Splinting Children in the Office


June 2016, Dr. Steven Pastyrnak | Autism Update


July 2016, Dr. Peter Freswick | Reflux in Infants


August 2016, Dr. Ted Kelbel | Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis

September 2016, Dr. Beth Kowal | Back to School Issues: Behavior Issues, Bullying, Medication Management, etc.