COVID-19 Screening and Testing

Spectrum Health offers COVID-19 screening and testing. First, you must be screened to determine if you qualify for a COVID-19 test. All tests require a valid physician order.

MyChart Screening and COVID-19 Test Self-Schedule

Virtual screening and COVID-19 test self-scheduling is available through MyChart. You do not have to be a Spectrum Health patient to use this service. To access MyChart, download the Spectrum Health app via the links below or visit Follow the instructions provided below to conduct your screening and schedule a COVID-19 test.

Campaign CTA – App Download from app store

Campaign CTA – App Download from googleplay store


Navigate and login to MyChart by clicking “MyChart Login” within the Spectrum Health app or by visiting

If you haven't created a Spectrum Health MyChart username and password yet, you can sign up here or via the on-screen instructions in the app. This video will walk you through the process of signing up for MyChart.

Note: If you previously had a MyHealth or Spectrum Health Now account you may login to MyChart using those credentials.
  1. 1. From the MyChart homepage, click the “Schedule an appointment” in the quick links menu. If you are using the Spectrum Health app, make sure you have logged into MyChart to see this screen.

    MyChart Instructions

  2. Click “LAB COVID-19 Testing” underneath “Tell us why you’re coming in”

    MyChart Instructions

  3. Follow on screen instructions to complete a virtual screening.

    MyChart Instructions

  4. If the screening determines you qualify, you will be prompted to self-schedule test collection within MyChart. You may select multiple locations to search for dates and times. Please note, some locations have more than one option.

    MyChart Instructions

    MyChart Instructions

  5. Before leaving, make sure you click “Schedule” in order to reserve appointment

    MyChart Instructions

  6. If you have any technical trouble, call MyChart technical support at 877.308.5083.

If you have any technical trouble, call Spectrum Health App technical support at 877.308.5083.

Additional Screening Options

If you require an interpreter or special assistance, or are a pre-procedure or surgery patient, call 833.559.0659 to be screened. If you qualify for a COVID-19 test, an appointment will be made for you at one of Spectrum Health’s convenient testing locations.

Additionally, all patients may contact their primary health provider for a screening or to order a COVID-19 test.

Note: Spectrum Health emergency departments are not able to provide outpatient COVID-19 testing for those who are without symptoms and want to be screened and tested without seeing a physician. Spectrum Health laboratories require a doctor’s order before performing COVID-19 tests.