Video Visit Tips

In a video visit with Spectrum Health, you and your doctor see and talk to each other over the internet. Learn how to get ready for your virtual care session, so you can focus on your health during the appointment.

Prepare for Your Video Visit

Before starting a video visit:
• Find a quiet, well-lit space with a good Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
• Make sure your smartphone or computer is plugged in or fully charged.
• Update the Spectrum Health app to the latest version, if you’re using your phone.
• Have your insurance information ready, along with your driver’s license or personal identification (ID).
• Complete eCheck-in.

When to Start Your Visit

Log in to MyChart 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This gives you a few minutes to make sure everything is working properly.

Start a Primary or Specialty Care Video Visit

To begin your scheduled primary or specialty care virtual visit:
• Log into MyChart through your internet browser or the Spectrum Health app.
• Select “Visits.”
• Choose “Appointments and Visits.”
• Find your video visit and select “Details.”
• Choose “Begin Video Visit.”

Start an On-Demand Video Visit

To begin a virtual urgent care visit:
• Log into MyChart through your internet browser or the Spectrum Health app. Or select “On-Demand Virtual Visit” to begin without logging in first, and then follow the on-screen instructions.
• Select “Start Video Visit” from the “Explore More” option at the bottom of the home screen or search for “On-Demand.”
• Confirm your location. On-demand visits are available to anyone in the state of Michigan.
• Select the reason for your visit. If your condition is not on the list, call Patient Support at 877.362.8362.
• Review your health information, and if necessary, add more details about your visit.
• Choose “Put Me in Line” to tell a provider you’re ready to be seen.
• While in line, select “eCheck-In” to update your personal information (required for all on-demand visits).
• To start your visit, select the “Begin Video Visit” button when it turns green.
• A video will open. If prompted, answer “Yes” to let the software access your video camera and microphone.

After finishing your visit, select the red X to disconnect. 

Start a Multi-party Video Visit.

To begin a multi participant video visit you must sign into your own MyChart account. Utilizing the credentials of the patient will prevent them from joining the visit.
• Log into your personal MyChart through your desktop browser, mobile browser, or the Spectrum Health App.
o For those using a smart phone with face recognition passwords, ensure your security is linked to your own MyChart account, not that of the patient.
o If utilizing the app, once signed in you may be asked to choose someone to begin. Please choose your personal patient profile. There may be a “remember my choice” toggle at the bottom to save this step in the future.
• Once signed into your own MyChart profile to verify you have a proxy relationship with the patient, you will see either the first initial or photo and name of your proxy or proxies in the top right-hand corner if utilizing the app, or mid page in the health feed on the browser page by scrolling.
• To access the patient’s information and appointments, scroll through your health feed until you see your proxy listed.
• To join the patient’s visit, select the green “Begin Video Visit” button.
• Your browser will open a new window. If prompted, answer “Yes” to let the software access your video camera and microphone.

In many cases proxy access must be granted by the patient and/or a Spectrum Health representative. If the proxy has not previously granted and established proxy access, you will not find the patient listed within your MyChart. Please contact Spectrum Health Technical Support at 877.308.5083 for further assistance.