Volunteer with the Visiting Nurse Association

Volunteering at Spectrum Health Visiting Nurse Association gives you the unique opportunity to provide comfort, friendship, and support to patients in their home environment. Regardless of your life status―whether you’re a student, professional, retiree or homemaker―you can make a difference for a patient’s life in their home.

Become a volunteer

Be a friendly visitor
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You can offer caring friendship, socialization, and companionship to a patient in their home. Just one short visit per week can bring incredible joy to a lonely patient. Friendly visitors focus on building relationships and long-term friendships to help patients feel connected to their community. Their visits may include opportunities for interesting conversation and sharing life stories, playing cards, video, or board games, reading a book or newspaper to a patient, taking a walk with your patient, or even running errands such as shopping for groceries and picking up prescriptions, or dry cleaning.
Share your special talents with our patients
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Use your personal skills and gifts to help patients in their home. You can do things like sewing projects for items such as walker bags, quilts, and many other things needed by patients. You might work with a patient on a craft project, on the computer or help them organize a closet or family photos. We are always looking for new talents and ways to support our patients in their homes.
Work on special projects in our office
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Support our patients and staff by working on special projects at our central office. Projects vary and offer opportunities to hone new skills or keep your current office skills sharp. These projects are an enjoyable way to use your organizational gifts and talents while interacting with staff and other volunteers to support our home care patients.
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All volunteers must:

  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Submit an application and provide two references,
  • Complete and meet all standards for Spectrum Health background checks and employee health requirements,
  • Successfully complete the VNA volunteer orientation, program, and annual education requirements.
  • Minimum one year commitment, post-onboarding, required.

Contact information

Contact Sondra Lienesch by calling 616.486.3956, or email sondra.lienesch@corewellhealth.org.

Become a Volunteer