Volunteer at the rehabilitation and nursing center on Fuller Avenue

We welcome volunteers at the Spectrum Health Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Fuller Avenue in Grand Rapids. Whether you’re sitting with patients, delivering flowers and gifts or helping in our garden room, you will have the fulfillment of knowing you’re helping others and allowing us to better serve our patients.

Roles and opportunities
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In order to attract and retain the best volunteers and ensure a rewarding experience for you, we try to match individual talents and skills to our areas of need. Volunteers may fill many different roles. Here are some of the ways volunteers help us every day:

  • Recreation therapy groups and outings
  • Expressive art program
  • Rehabilitation therapy: Occupational and physical
  • Spiritual visitors
  • Friendly visitors
  • Worship service
  • Nutrition services
  • Pet visitors: West Michigan Therapy Dogs
  • Bedside musicians
  • Flower and mail delivery
  • Garden room
  • Outdoor inclusion garden
  • Art by the bedside
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Please review the following volunteer requirements before you apply.

Commitment requirement

In order to properly orient and train individuals, we ask volunteers to commit to serve one time per week for a minimum of six months.

Application requirements
  • Complete an application that will be electronically submitted to us. 
  • Have two letters of reference submitted to us on your behalf. The references you select should send letters directly to us. Instructions on how to submit these are listed on the form. Please do not select family members. Your references should be able to speak to your commitment and dedication as a potential volunteer. You will be responsible for insuring that the reference submit the letter to us.
Next steps and orientation
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When we have received your application and two reference letters, we will review them to see if any open opportunities align with your interests. We will contact you by phone if we feel there is a match. If we cannot identify a match at this time, we will keep your file open for six months. We will contact you within that time if other openings become available that may interest you. 

If we contact you by phone, we will further discuss requirements, your availability and our current openings. The next step is a face-to-face interview to talk in more detail. If we have mutually agreed to move forward, we must complete a background check. We ask you to meet additional requirements (free of charge and with our assistance) such as two tuberculosis skin tests, seasonal flu shot and possible immunizations if you are not up to date (for patient contact areas). 

We also ask you to complete a written orientation including topics such as Spectrum Health’s mission/vision/values, personal and building safety, infection control, confidentiality laws, etc. We ask you to sign and agree to a commitment statement and Spectrum Health’s Code of Excellence. 

Once these steps are completed satisfactorily, our team refers you to a specific location with a weekly shift on a specific day and time. Before starting, we will give you parking instructions and a volunteer badge. The volunteer leader in that location will then contact you to set up your orientation and welcome you to your new volunteer role.

Contact information

Spectrum Health Rehab and Nursing Center - Fuller Avenue
750 Fuller Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Volunteer Services Coordinator - Stacie Carter
Phone: 616.486.7292
Fax: 616.486.2777
Email: Stacie.Carter@corewellhealth.org

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