Who We Are

Formed in 2010, the United/Kelsey Patient and Family Advisory Council has focused on discussing and evaluating current programs and processes that affect patients and family members within the rural community that utilizes United and Kelsey hospital services.

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Council Accomplishments:

  • Shared their thoughts on how Interdisciplinary Rounding will improve patient care, reduce questions and assist with communication with the family
  • Participated in Emergency and Diagnostic Imaging Rapid Improvement events
  • Provided patient and family perspective on emergency department and laboratory renovations including the design, furnishing and patient and family experience; encouraged development of a direct line of sight with a care provider to help build trust and reassurance
  • Using an audit tool, council members observed outpatient services to provide feedback on the look, work and feel of the services received; identified ways employees can enhance teamwork, especially when a patient needs multiple services
  • Identified potential improvements for outpatient laboratory locations to provide a more welcoming “front door” experience and improve the registration area
  • Provided input on the inpatient handbook, making it more reader-friendly and intuitive so patients can quickly find information and understand it