Standing by your side through loss

Pregnancy loss can bring overwhelming emotions and leave you feeling lost and alone. We understand the depths of your grief and want to assure you that you are not alone. We are here to stand by your side, offering support and comfort as you navigate this. We acknowledge the sadness you are experiencing and are here to listen, offer understanding, and extend a helping hand.

couple talking

Jane’s Room

The Jane’s Room Foundation partners with hospitals to create “Jane’s Rooms”—private, comforting areas of respite in the hospital—separate from the general waiting room for families experiencing loss.

Our Butterworth Hospital was selected as one of those hospitals. Our Jane’s Room is a place where family members can privately encourage and support each other, find strength and courage, and begin their healing journey.

Bereavement services

In addition to providing grieving families with the special space they need to start the healing process, we offer other bereavement services to support families during this difficult time. All the following services have been supported or made possible by philanthropy:

  • Handprint moldings cast from the baby’s and parents’ hands
  • Heartbeat recordings, if a heartbeat has been previously recorded. We can set it to music to serve as an audible memento
  • Sleeping Angels endowment to aid with unexpected funeral costs
  • CuddleCots is a discreet cooling device that preserves the baby’s body, allowing the family to spend precious time with their child

Have you or a loved one experienced loss?

Feel free to reach out for more information about grief resources.