Speech Language Therapy

Our speech language pathologists, or speech therapists, provide therapy designed to improve verbal comprehension, verbal and non-verbal expression, and improvement of swallowing disorders for patients of all ages in all settings: inpatient, outpatient and at home. We evaluate your skills associated to speaking, thinking, listening and understanding and will develop strategies and alternative ways of communication specific to your care needs. In some cases this includes the use of assistive communication devices.

Common treatments include: 

  • Improving articulation or speech disorders
  • Improving language disorders or aphasia
  • Development, training of alternate and augmentative communication systems
  • Enhancing cognitive function such as memory, problem solving or attention deficits
  • Dysphagia/swallowing disorders
  • Videofluoroscopic swallow studies

Following brain injury, you may experience difficulty with swallowing, known as dysphagia. Our speech therapists evaluate and treat patients with this condition using a variety of rehabilitation tools. This may include the use of VitalStim® therapy, electrical stimulation to restore function and accelerate strength of the muscles. This is provided by a therapist certified in VitalStim® technology.

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