Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Reed City

Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - Reed City

About our location

Corewell Health’s inpatient subacute rehabilitation program at Reed City Hospital is located with the rehab and nursing facility and provides rehabilitation to those who are recovering from illness, serious injury or surgery.

  • Private rooms with interactive white board
  • Rehabilitation gym with parallel bars, ramp, stair case, and kitchen to practice daily activities
  • Dining room area for meals
  • Offering a wide variety of recreational activities
  • Two outdoor therapeutic garden areas with wheelchair accessible raised flower beds
  • IDT team discusses plan of care with you and your family
  • Beautiful country view, quiet and healing space for mind, body, and spirit
  • Wheelchair access swing in one of the outdoor courtyards
  • Resident cats and visits from pet therapy animals
  • Dedicated team committed to help patients regain their functional goals and return them to the activities they enjoy most

Inpatient subacute rehabilitation program

Our team members are committed to providing each person served with a coordinated plan of care focused on improving overall function and abilities. The entire rehabilitation team works with the person served, their families or support systems, to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses each person's goals and preferences. The program serves people with orthopedic conditions such as hip or ankle fractures, medical diagnosis, wound care, cancer rehab, and cardiac rehabilitation through our cardiovascular transitions program. The average length of stay for all people served is about 20 days, however, length of stay may be shorter or longer, depending on each person's diagnosis and rate of progress. We are able to safely manage medically complex issues such as:

  • Tracheotomy care and weaning
  • Enteral feeding ('tube feeding')
  • Wound care, including management of vac (vacuum assisted) dressings
  • IV medications
  • TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
  • LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device)

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Admission criteria
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People served by the program:

  • Are medically stable and no longer require acute hospitalization.
  • Breathe independently (the program does not accept people on vents).
  • Have the potential to participate in, and benefit from, daily skilled nursing and/or therapy services.
  • Have a reasonable expectation of discharge to a community-based living environment, such as home or assisted living, or to a next step rehabilitation program.
  • Do not demonstrate behavior that is a danger to self or others.
  • Are age 18 or older.
Therapy services
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Core therapy services provided include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Therapy intensity is based on each persons' diagnosis and tolerance. Most people will receive 1.5-3 hours of therapy a day. Therapy is provided five to seven days a week. In addition to these core therapies, the program offers recreational therapy and an expressive arts program. Therapists have expertise to ensure the best opportunity for recovery. Therapy is provided in a variety of locations including a large therapy gym, a rehab kitchen, and mock living spaces. These settings provide optimal practice spaces for important self-care skills.

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The program is able to work with a broad range of insurances, including Medicare, Medicaid, many Commercial insurances, Michigan Auto No Fault and Worker's Comp. Upon referral, our Access team will identify and clarify coverage and benefits available.