Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation

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Patient receiving assistance to get out of his chair

Grand Rapids Hospitals Rehabilitation Unit at Blodgett Hospital

Inpatient acute rehabilitation is a level of care that provides medical rehabilitation to patients who require medical oversight, skilled nursing care and intensive therapy services from rehabilitation professionals prior to returning home. The Grand Rapids Hospitals Rehabilitation Unit is a licensed 42-bed inpatient acute rehabilitation unit located on the fourth floor of Blodgett Hospital in East Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids Hospitals Rehabilitation Unit is a comprehensive, integrated rehabilitation program that offers a multidisciplinary approach to care.

We serve patients with neurological, orthopedic and other rehab needs such as those who have experienced:

  • Stroke brain injury (traumatic and non-traumatic)
  • Amputation
  • Isolated or multiple trauma including:
    • Hip fracture
    • Multi-system trauma
    • Spinal cord injury
  • Neurologic conditions such as:
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • COVID-19 related complications
  • Burns
  • Debility
  • Left ventricular assist device (LVAD)
  • Organ transplant including heart, lung and bone marrow

Meet our team

Neurologist avatar

Specializes in diagnosing strokes and other brain disorders.

Physiatrist avatar

A physician trained to assess disability and specialized in rehabilitation.

Internal Medicine Physician avatar
Internal Medicine Physician

May manage some of your care in the inpatient setting, and also as you return to the community.

Neuropsychologist avatar

Focuses on how injuries or illnesses of the brain affect cognitive functions and behaviors.

Case Manager avatar
Case Manager or Social Worker

Works with your care team to identify the most appropriate discharge plan.

Nurse avatar
Nursing Team

Assesses your condition and provides nursing care to help improve your level of functioning.

Physical Therapist avatar
Physical Therapist

Works with you in moving your arms and legs, helping to build strength, coordination, balance and endurance.

Occupational Therapist avatar
Occupational Therapist

Focuses on activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming and independent living skills.

Speech Language Pathologist avatar
Speech Language Pathologist

Address impairments in communication, swallowing, and condition to help improve your functioning.

Recreation Therapist avatar
Recreation Therapist

Helps you regain functional skills to return to recreation, leisure, and community activities you love most.

Dietician avatar

Provides you with education related to healthy eating and special diet requirements.

Getting you back to your community

At the Grand Rapids Hospitals Rehabilitation Unit, you will receive more bang for your buck, compared to national and regional averages. Our patients demonstrate more improvement per day during the course of the rehabilitation stay.

Discharge to community

Inpatient Acute Rehab Patients Discharged

Average satisfaction

With a commitment to continuous improvement of services, patient experience is one of our top priorities.

Inpatient Acute Rehab Satisfaction

'My Heart is Just Full'

Our beautiful, historic campus and healing gardens

Blodgett Hospital building exterior

Blodgett Hospital

Blodgett Hospital is nestled in the quiet environment of East Grand Rapids with some patient rooms overlooking a gorgeous view of Fisk Lake. The hospital recently celebrated its 100th year and its historical significance in the community continues to be celebrated. Four outdoor healing gardens provide a space for patients and families to gather, relax and find solace. One of the gardens is also used as a Rehabilitation Garden offering accessible garden beds used by patients at the from our rehabilitation unit during their therapy treatment sessions.

Advanced technology, specialized services and equipment

Two dedicated gyms are equipped with specialized equipment and advanced technology necessary to meet the functional needs of the complex diagnoses served. One therapy gym is a designated low stimulation gym for individuals recovering from brain injury or who may need a more private rehabilitation environment. We have the following technologies, services, and equipment available to better serve our patients.

  • Bioness® L300 series and Bioness® H200: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for the hand, arm and leg
  • VitalStim® Therapy: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for strengthening muscles used in swallowing
  • Rifton Pacer and Biodex Harness System: Unweighted gait training systems
  • Armeo®Spring: Self-initiated hand and arm therapy system that provides arm weight support in a 3D workspace
  • MOTOmed®: Cycling system that allows for passive, motor-supported and active movement of arms and legs
  • Bioness® Integrated Therapy System or BITS®: A therapy system designed to assess and treat physical, visual, auditory and cognitive abilities
  • Visual assessment services
  • Initial driver’s screen
  • Designated low stimulation therapy gym
  • Neuropsychology services
  • Access to additional medical specialties