Driver's Assessment Program

Community mobility is a key component in any individual’s quality of life: going wherever you want, whenever you want, without relying on family, friends or public transportation. Whether you're an older driver adapting to the aging process, or recovering from a disabling injury or illness, driving can represent your freedom. 

The Drivers Assessment Program at Spectrum Health can give you and your loved ones peace of mind, while helping you get back into the driver's seat. Our program offers evaluations for people experiencing functional changes due to trauma, surgery, a neurological incident or the aging process. 

The assessment consists of a computer simulation that lasts approximately two hours. Our occupational therapist will evaluate your current driving skills and work closely with you and your physician to provide a comprehensive report with recommendations on your driving performance, as it relates to your safety and to the safety of others on the road. The clinical assessment is covered by most insurance plans, but a physician referral is required.

Driving After a Brain Injury

A brain injury or stroke can disrupt and slow down skills that are essential for good driving, such as:

  • Ability to maintain a constant position in a lane
  • Having accurate vision
  • Maintaining concentration over long periods of time
  • Memory functioning, such as recalling directions
  • Problem solving
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Safety awareness and judgment 

In the case of brain injury or stroke, a professional assessment may be required before you return to driving.

Aging Drivers

Aging affects critical driving skills in a number of ways and can make it dangerous for senior drivers and others on the roadway if the person continues to drive. A clinical driving assessment helps identify any driving performance issues. It can be particularly helpful if you have: 

  • Slowed reaction time
  • Vision problems
  • Progressive diseases, like Alzheimer’s or Dementia

If you have had limb loss our program is able to help determine if adaptive equipment is needed, such as a left foot accelerator or hand controls. Our occupational therapist can train you to improve your reaction time if driving with a different limb than previous.

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