Sports Concussion Clinic

Early recognition, evaluation and treatment of a concussion can prevent serious complications and facilitate long-term healing. Our clinic brings together fellowship-trained physicians and neuropsychologists and licensed athletic trainers to provide a comprehensive, holistic and integrated approach to concussion evaluation and treatment for people who have received an athletic-related head injury.

We utilize up-to-date research and evidence-based best practices, state-of-the-art balance testing tools, physical and cognitive assessments, and scientifically-validated computerized concussion evaluation system with ImPACT®. Our team includes Credentialed ImPACT® Consultants, who provide expertise in evaluating and interpreting ImPACT® test results.

Thorough diagnosis, individualized treatment

We are able to provide evaluation in the clinic within 48 hours to allow proper diagnosis and expedited treatment that includes individualized return to learn, return to play direction. Please contact us if:

  • You were diagnosed with a concussion in the emergency room and need follow-up care
  • You received a head injury while participating in athletic activity and suspect a concussion
  • You would like to discuss your injury or symptoms after being told you may have sustained a concussion while participating in athletic activity

Our concussion experts work closely with patient families and athletic trainers across the region to provide direct communication on patient status and their expected recovery plan. We are able to provide clearance in compliance with Michigan High School Athletic Association return-to-play protocols.

Baseline concussion testing

Baseline concussion testing is available to interested individuals that have not had a concussion or who may have previously experienced a concussion. A baseline test provides information about a person’s normal level of brain function. If a concussion occurs, these test results are compared with test results taken after the concussion. This information can help your doctor guide a safe return to school, work, sports and other activity.

  • Baseline concussion testing is recommended for all athletes age 10 and older
  • The fee is $29; health insurances do not cover this fee
  • A physician referral is not required

By appointment, the sports concussion clinic is currently held:

  • Tuesdays from 8am to 12pm
  • Thursdays (fall sports season only) from 1pm to 5pm
  • Fridays from 8:30am to 12:30pm

Our services

Balance training
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Balance training may be needed after a concussion, especially if you feel dizzy when standing or your agility is impaired. We work to improve balance, functional mobility and other symptoms caused by your concussion.

Occupational therapy
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Our occupational therapy focuses on the evaluation and treatment of range of motion, muscle tone, movement, sensation, vision and perception. This treatment promotes independence by working to improve skills you use every day.

Outpatient rehabilitation
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Outpatient rehabilitation services are offered in a variety of settings and locations to ensure you receive the best treatment options available. Conditions we treat range from sports-related injuries and post-surgical conditions to general sprains and strains from everyday living.

Speech language therapy
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Our speech therapists can greatly improve your ability to speak clearly and help you better understand what others are saying. We can also help with feeding and swallowing issues.

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