Shoulder Tendon Tear

Tearing your shoulder tendon (at the bicep) is different than a rotator cuff injury. It usually happens in a moment, whether you're playing volleyball or reaching for something. Ice will hold you over, but seeing an orthopedic expert is a great idea. You want to protect your ability to use that arm. We'll assess the damage and we can talk about your options to fix it.

The bicep tendon attaches your upper arm muscle to shoulder and elbow bones. The severity of your injury depends on whether the tear is full or partial, and where it happens. If it tears at the shoulder, you may lose some strength. Multiple treatment options exist to help.

Treatments for Shoulder Tendon Tear

A torn bicep tendon at the shoulder will require similar treatment to any other tendon injury. Because shoulder tendons are under constant demands in daily life, an expert opinion is wise. You may have wondered what happened, when suddenly your bicep muscle seemed to look bigger, but lower. that's because the tendon damage allowed it to slump downward.

Left untreated, a partial tear can rupture, requiring complex surgery. Our experts can help you heal before that happens. If the damage is already too close to complete, you may be fine with a minimally invasive repair. Get started with treatment options here, and let us help you keep going strong.

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