Labrum Tear

The labrum is a small ring of cartilage in the shoulder and hip. It moves when you move, making it prone to tearing. Labrum tears are often misdiagnosed, so an expert can make all the difference in healing. We hope it helps you to know that we have some of the nation's most experienced orthopedic doctors, right here.

The labrum acts as a seal or gasket to help seat the ball of the joint within the hip and shoulder joints. Deep pain, clicking or locking of hip or shoulder can signal a labrum tear. A partial tear is common. A complete tear will result in dislocation of the joint. Imaging, such as an X-ray, is essential to revealing precise location and extent. This helps us to determine treatment options, ensuring our approach to healing is the best for you.

Treatments for Labrum Injury

Most people with labrum injuries respond well to arthroscopic surgery, especially when there is an opportunity to preserve the cartilage that’s left. Our award-winning team of orthopedic surgeons use minimally invasive procedures to improve precision and accuracy. Not only does the new generation of treatment mean faster recovery times and great results, but there's also a better chance than ever before of getting your full range of motion back.

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