Trigger Finger

Trigger finger can start as an annoyance until it debilitates use of your hand. When it's the latter, let us take a look. We're happy to introduce you to the region’s most experienced, skilled musculoskeletal hand specialists.

Trigger finger is caused, like many tendon problems, by inflammation of tendons that run through narrow sheaths. At a certain point, the swelling stops movement, leaving a finger stuck in a bent position. When straightened, the finger "pops," like its name implies. More common in women than men, treatments include medications, steroid injections and surgery.

Treatments for Trigger Finger

If trigger finger just involves that clicking or popping sound, without being overly bothersome, treatment can be as simple as releasing the affected finger and giving it a rest. Chronic trouble with locked fingers require a little more expert help. A Spectrum Health orthopedic hand specialist can examine and test your hands to help identify the best treatment for you.

There are a variety of care options to consider. Based on the frequency, pain level and severity of your "locking," treatment ranges from pain relief medicine for mild cases to more involved care that may help avoid recurrences.

While surgery is not needed in most cases, it can be a welcome option for severe trigger finger. If so, trusting our top 10 orthopedic program means you know you're in good hands.

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