Tennis Elbow

Whether or not you play tennis, tennis elbow causes disruptive pain in your wrists and elbows. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ll only be off the courts (or in pain) for a few weeks. Let our orthopedic specialists care for you. With proper rest and strengthening exercise, you’ll be out of pain in no time.

Tennis elbow is caused by excessive strain in the tendons of your wrists and forearm. These tendons connect to the elbow and become damaged if tendons roll over the end of the elbow. Pain or poor grip are first signs. Only one in 20 people with tennis elbow actually play tennis. Discuss symptoms with your doctor.

Treatments for Tennis Elbow

When you have tennis elbow, the tendons that bend your wrist backward are severely swollen. Treating tennis elbow begins with a focus on restoration and prevention of recurrence. Your care team is specially trained in treating tennis elbow. We are experienced in all available treatments and knowing when each is the right choice. Once under way, as pain and activity levels improve, we’ll adjust your treatment plan.

We share your goal of getting you back to activities you enjoy as soon as possible. What's key is working together.

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