We know fractures.

Treatment for severe injuries

Healthcare provider examining patients foot.

Our Orthopedic trauma fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in treating acute fractures. It’s our entire focus. From motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls, we can get you moving again. 

Please note: We see all fractures except for spine, hand and rib fractures.

Fracture clinic

If you have been diagnosed with a fracture, we can get you on the road to recovery quickly.  The Spectrum Health Orthopedic Fracture Clinic has orthopedic trauma fellowship-trained surgeons who specialize in fractures. We fix the most complex and difficult fractures that require surgery to the more routine, non-operative fractures requiring splints and casts. 

The clinic offers on-site digital X-ray and easy access to advanced CT and MRI imaging and includes walk-in hours from 7:30-8:30am Monday-Friday.

What to expect upon arrival

After patients check-in at our kiosks, they will be brought into the clinical space where a registered nurse or medical assistant will take vital signs. If X-rays are needed, they are done in our suite. One of physician assistants will then complete an examination, and if X-rays were taken, review the images with you. If a cast is required, one of our cast technicians will apply it. When a brace or splint is required, one of our registered nurses or medical assistants will apply the brace and schedule a follow up appointment.

Orthopedic trauma

Corewell Health Orthopedic trauma fellowship-trained surgeons operate at the highest level of acuity in the area. We are able to treat the most complex, life-threatening orthopedic injuries and severe bone, joint and muscle injuries at Corewell Health Butterworth Hospital (part of Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals). We are the only American College of Surgeons verified Level 1 Trauma Center in West Michigan. Our Level 1 Trauma Center verification means that we offer orthopedic trauma and specialized trauma teams whenever you need it—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When to seek orthopedic trauma care

  • Fractures (broken bones) involving the arms or legs (except spine, hand, and rib fractures) 
  • Fragility fractures from osteoporosis 
  • Pelvis and acetabular fractures (the hip socket) 
  • Peri-articular (joint) fractures and dislocations 
  • Limb salvage and amputation
  • Nonunions and malunions (problems with healing and healing with poor alignment) 
  • Post-traumatic arthrosis 
  • Reconstructive surgery following previous fracture or trauma 
  • Second opinions regarding musculoskeletal fracture care

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