Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are usually due to chronic, repetitive overuse injury to the foot. This can be related to your job, a favorite hobby or improper shoe wear. In some cases, a stress fracture may be related to the shape of your foot. Symptoms typically include pain with weight bearing and swelling. The pain usually is of gradual onset, but may worsen all of a sudden if there is an injury as well.

Spectrum Health offers personalized care that fits your needs. Our Foot and Ankle specialists can diagnose and treat stress fractures to get you back to walking pain free.

Treatment options

Stress fractures take time to heal (6 weeks to months). Typically, the longer your symptoms were present, the longer it will take to reverse the damage. Often times, treatment is nonsurgical with modification of activity, orthotics, braces or boots. In some instances, surgical treatment may be needed to allow the fracture to heal completely. In this situation, our Orthopedic surgeons or podiatrists will individualize your treatment plan to get you to heal.

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