When your joints hurt, daily life hurts, too. The first step to feeling better is getting the right diagnosis: is it osteoarthritis or something else? The next step is getting the right treatment: what's going to work best? Spectrum Health has joint and arthritis experts who can answer both. Our board-certified bone care specialists are among the most experienced and highly trained in the country.

The term arthritis is not a single condition. It actually refers to about 100 joint disorders. The most common is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is cumulative damage to joint cartilage from years of use, sports or genetics. It can strike any joint, but knees, hips, hands and spine are most common. Pain from using the affected joint can be debilitating. Let's protect your bones, together.

Treatments for Osteoarthritis

Spectrum Health specialists start your osteoarthritis treatment plan by addressing pain. Then we assess what other kinds of treatment might improve your daily life. We look at your lifestyle: what is your arthritis keeping you from enjoying? We consider your overall health: is anything else going on that could be helpful to know? From medicines and physical therapy to surgery, we work together.

If joint replacement is recommended, it's good to know our program is one of the top 10 in the country. We'd love to help you live an active, comfortable life. Learn about our osteoarthritis treatments and talk to our experts.

Treatments We Provide

Arthroscopic Surgery

A less invasive procedure, this surgery uses a small light tube with a video lens on the end. This allows your surgeon to see exactly where he or she is working inside the joint. The scope goes in through small incisions, reducing recovery time.

Center for Joint Replacement

Our Center for Joint Replacement will prepare you for total or partial joint replacement surgery.

Corticosteroid Joint Injection

Corticosteroids (such as prednisone) are a common form of steroid injection. Your doctor may use a combination of drugs for the injection. Some injections are a one-time treatment, others are given in a series over a few weeks. Pain relief can last weeks to months, depending on the condition and severity.

Physical Therapy

Often physical therapy is part of your post-surgery recovery plan. However, physical therapy is used to prevent and relieve pain from many conditions, whether neurological or sports-related. Work with our physical therapists to restore strength and your healthy lifestyle.

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