Bone Infection

There are different ways that osteomyelitis, also known as bone infection, can occur: passing through the bloodstream, spread by nearby tissue or developing in the bone itself. Your symptoms may mimic other conditions, such as fever or chills or pain and swelling around the bone area. Regardless of how it starts, Spectrum Health bone specialists have the skill, techniques and surgical knowledge to successfully treat this condition.

Treatments for Bone Infection

Your infection may have developed a bone abscess that requires surgery. It'll need to be opened and drained. Your infection may also have caused damage to your soft tissue that would need to be removed and replaced with a bone graft.

Surgery is the most common treatment for bone infection. We need to remove the infected bone and any bone that is dead because of the infection―followed by antibiotics. During surgery your doctor may focus on improving blood flow to your bone, removing foreign objects or draining the infected area. In very severe cases, amputation of the limb may be suggested to stop the infection from spreading.

Spectrum Health bone specialists are prepared to treat anything from common infections that only require antibiotics for treatment to more advanced infections that may require surgery. Review treatment options below to familiarize yourself with potential treatment plans.

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