Regulatory compliance

We understand the intricacies of regulatory compliance from screening to reporting. Whether you need to comply with government-mandated guidelines or your own company policies, we ensure everyone is on board and up to date with the appropriate requirements, including DOT, FAA or OSHA.

Services we offer

Drug and alcohol screenings
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Our specialized facilities provide maximum privacy and convenience while minimizing errors. Our process exceeds federal requirements, using the Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines as the foundation.

Hearing screening
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OSHA requires annual audiometric testing for employees exposed to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels over an eight-hour period. It is also recommended for identifying a pre-existing impairment and to establish a baseline.

Record keeping
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We provide reports detailing compliance with OSHA. Noise exposure measurement records are required for two years and maintained as long as the affected workers are employed. Get individual reports and required explanatory letters for all employees.

Respiratory protection
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We can help you comply with OSHA and MIOSHA standards: 

  • Annual respirator wear fit testing 
  • Medical evaluation for the written recommendation requirement
Pulmonary function testing
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Recommended for employees who use respiratory protection on the job. Couple with respirator fit testing.

Medical surveillance
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Were here to provide the necessary medical surveillance needed to comply with OSHA standards. Potential exposures include, but not limited to the following hazardous materials: 

  • Asbestos
  • Blood-borne pathogens 
  • Hazardous chemicals 
  • Lead
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Consider Spectrum Health’s programs to teach your supervisors, first responders and employees about: 

  • Reasonable suspicion training for supervisors 
  • Hearing protection programs 
  • CPR training 
  • First aid training 
  • AED training

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