Physical and occupational therapy

Pre-employment assessments

Determine whether the individual can do the essential and/or high-risk tasks before job placement. Our therapists tailor the assessment and provide education to correct potential problems.

Injury prevention in the workplace

Job site evaluations
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Our physical and occupational therapists specialize in work injury management and go to the worksite to assess the job and your employee. We offer two types of job site evaluations:

Work risk assessment
  • Evaluate work activities, sequence of tasks, machines, tools and physical demands 
  • Recommend tools, job modifications, workstation setup 
  • Identify physical stressors and solutions to prevent or reduce injury
Job demand analysis

A thorough evaluation of the physical demands, shifts and workplace to inform: 

  • Essential functions and job descriptions 
  • Transitional duties for injured/restricted workers 
  • Job simulations for return-to-work program 
  • Potential for rotation programs
Physical work performance / functional capacity evaluation
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To provide the most reliable and valuable assessment of functional performance, we use the Physical Work Performance Evaluation by ErgoScience, which includes more than 30 research-based tactics to determine capacity to perform various job tasks. Results are compared with the job demands. 

  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations.

Return to work program

With our rehabilitation assistance, your employees gain the ability and confidence to return to their full capacity at work. As an employer, we’ll help you decrease indemnity and medical or workers’ compensation costs.

We provide employers
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  • Information to expedite return to work and appropriate job placement 
  • Assistance establishing appropriate work restrictions 
  • Communication with your insurance company or case manager on rehabilitation status 
  • Available on-site at your location 
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations
Our activity-oriented approach
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Our return-to-work approach focuses on activity, known as work hardening, in conjunction with work conditioning and simulations to progressively challenge employees in their transition. 

  • Available on-site at your location 
  • Available at Spectrum Health clinic locations

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Design a package

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Healthy & Safe

Physical and occupational therapists keep your employees healthy and safe from a workplace injury.