Drug screen program management

Customized solutions

We look forward to speaking with you, and are ready to tailor a program that best meets your company’s needs. Please call 616.391.2778, option 5, so we can get started today.

National network servicing
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  • Over 3,000 preferred clinics 
  • Self-scheduling One bill 
  • One team. One solution
Types of testing
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  • 5-panel drug screen
  • 7-panel drug screen
  • 10-panel drug screen
  • Hair drug screen
  • DOT-regulated
  • FAA-regulated
  • Breath Alcohol
  • And more
Consortium program management pricing
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  • Under 100 employees $175 
  • 100 employees or more $250 
  • On-site collection $42 per technician, per hour 

Our experienced team manages every aspect of the drug screening process, whether you need to comply with government-mandated guidelines or your own company policies.

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  • Meets state and federal regulatory requirements
  • Immediate electronic results
  • Comprehensive reporting tool
  • Fewer incidents of absenteeism, accidents and theft
  • Better health among employees and family members
  • Decreased use of medical benefits
  • Lower premium costs for some insurance programs
What differentiates our program?
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  • A single point of contact 
  • Convenient local, regional , and national locations 
  • On-site collections scheduled to work best for you
Our service offerings
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  • Random testing program management
  • Custom employee testing communications
  • Education to ensure supervisors understand the benefits of a drug free workplace
  • Medical review of all drug screens at no additional cost
  • Breath alcohol confirmation and accuracy check
  • Free, web-based portal to view results and generate reports

Let us contact you

One of our program coordinators will reach out to you to give you a more in-depth look at the Employer services provided by Spectrum Health