Sports nutrition

Nutrition coaching for the serious athlete to the exercise enthusiast

Combining the proper nutrition with exercise can lead to improved performance and recovery. Spectrum Health offers sports nutrition counseling from our registered dietitians for high school, college or professional athletes and exercise enthusiasts.

Be the best at your game

Our registered dietitians provide individual and team nutrition coaching that can be combined with our sports medicine services. Programs will be created specifically for your nutritional needs and sport. Individualized nutrition coaching offers:

  • How to eat health in combination with exercise
  • Tips to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight
  • Protein, calorie and fluid requirements
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Proper use of vitamins, minerals and sports supplements
  • Eating for a healthy immune system
  • Measurement of resting energy requirements (additional fee)
  • Pre-exercise nutrition
  • Post-exercise and recovery nutrition
  • Anorexia and eating disorder counseling

Team and group presentations provide:

  • Healthy eating examples for improved performance and health
  • Pre-and post-exercise nutrition
  • Specific topics for your team, including many of the individualized offerings

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