Tourette's syndrome

Tourette's syndrome causes abrupt, involuntary vocalizations or muscular twitches. You may feel out of control, but we can help you conquer. Spectrum Health neurologists understand both the syndrome's complexity and your frustration. We’ll teach you ways to manage symptoms to minimize interference with daily life. 

Tourette's syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes unprovoked movements or sounds, called tics. Onset symptoms are often noticed from ages three to nine, ranging from spitting and whistling to rapid eye or head movements. Symptoms may fade in late teens to early 20’s. Effective medicine is available for those who need it; however, most with Tourette's syndrome are able to manage their condition without medicine.

Services and treatments

Those with Tourette’s syndrome experience abrupt, involuntary physical and vocal tics. Usually diagnosed at a young age, Tourette's syndrome typically doesn’t disrupt normal development. All tics are categorized as simple or complex, which can guide the most effective treatment options. Uncontrolled tics are embarrassing and can cause low self-esteem. 

Treatments depend on age, overall health and your opinion on what is most bothersome. We want to know where you're struggling. If past treatments haven't worked, we'll avoid that route. Let’s work together on minimizing your tics, starting here.

Urine tests
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There are countless reasons that you may need blood tests or a urine analysis, and there are just as many reasons you'd rather not. Nobody wants to wait around or even find the time to do it. Spectrum Health will help you to sail through a pain-free, hassle-free blood draw or urine test. We make it possible with dozens of labs throughout the West Michigan communities we serve.

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Neuropsychology is a specialized branch of psychology devoted to the study of brain-behavior relationships. We understand how neurological, medical and emotional conditions affect brain function, intellect, behavior, personality and emotion. The primary role of a neuropsychologist is to conduct evaluations and provide consultation on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. At Spectrum Health Medical Group, your neuropsychologist works closely with other neurologists and specialists to help provide you comprehensive care.

PET-CT scans
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Spectrum Health offers the latest PET-CT scanning technology, enabling us to produce high quality images and enhanced information for diagnosis and treatment. The combination of PET and CT imaging technologies helps us better evaluate cardiovascular disease and neurological conditions. This type of scan also helps detect cancer within your body and determine whether your current treatment is working.

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