Huntington's disease

We offer a multidisciplinary Huntington’s disease clinic to provide coordinated team care in one setting. Evaluations are made in one appointment for this, during which patients with Huntington’s disease meet with multiple members of the Movement Disorders team. Evaluations typically include assessments by physical, occupational and speech therapists specializing in the treatment of movement disorders; a movement disorder fellowship-trained neurologist; a social worker; and a pharmacist. 

We also offer a coordinated multidisciplinary clinic for patients considering undergoing testing for Huntington’s disease, in the setting of a family history of Huntington’s disease or possible symptoms of this condition. Patients are evaluated by a Movement Disorders neurologist, genetic counselor, and psychologist, to help in providing additional information and guidance related to testing and symptoms if present. 

Our multidisciplinary clinics are overseen by a nurse navigator, who assists with scheduling appointments, symptom assessment and coordination of care.

Treatment options

Huntington’s disease is familiar to our experts. We understand its undeniable challenges for your entire family. Our staff of memory and movement disorder experts offer support and education to help you cope and prepare. Your care team focuses on improving your health by managing symptoms of Huntington's disease with medicines. 

While there is no cure for Huntington’s disease, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. If breakthroughs happen, you can be confident we'll be at the forefront of bringing it to you. As symptoms progress, our neurologists are there with you, adjusting your medicine and providing ongoing guidance.

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