Vascular dementia

Like many forms of dementia, vascular dementia is easy to dismiss as part of aging. The earlier the diagnosis, the more options to help delay progression. By controlling risk factors, our neurocognitive specialty team helps you maintain thinking and social skills. Together, we focus on optimizing your quality of life. 

Vascular dementia occurs when there is a reduction of blood flow to the brain. Blood flow decline damages tissue and weakens thinking skills. Typically caused by an underlying condition, vascular dementia is the second common type of dementia. Your doctor may treat vascular dementia with medications, lifestyle modifications or surgery.

Treatment options

There are a variety of ways to treat vascular dementia. It depends on what's restricting blood flow to your brain. Medicine may be enough to treat symptoms. However, heart conditions are common culprits that cause vascular dementia. This may require heart-related surgeries to increase blood flow to your brain. 

As experts in memory disorders, we know your condition affects your family, too. We offer continued support and education for you and your family through recovery. Our goal is to increase blood flow to the brain and reduce any further damage. 

We listen to your preferences and look at your medical history to customize your course of treatment. Discuss the options below with your doctor.

Angioplasty (stenting) surgery

Inflating a balloon to widen the artery, this procedure unclogs heart arteries to improve blood flow. Stents are often placed during an angioplasty. A stent helps keep the artery open using either a medicated balloon or a metal stent.

Carotid artery surgery

Carotid arteries are located in the neck and provide blood flow from the heart to the brain. This procedure removes plaque from a narrowed artery, improving blood flow and reducing risk of stroke.

Vascular dementia medicine

Based on your symptoms, your doctor will determine the right medication therapy to manage blood flow and symptoms, such as mood changes or tremors.

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