Epilepsy surgery

Epileptic surgery can safely and effectively reduce or eliminate seizures. Spectrum Health epilepsy neurosurgeons perform all types of epilepsy surgery. Your surgery may involve a small portion of the brain tissue (temporal lobectomy) or as much as half the brain (hemispherectomy). 

    Surgical expertise

    Our experts are leaders in this field and are qualified to perform complex surgeries, including:

    • Temporal lobectomy (removal of a small portion of brain tissue)
    • Amygdalohippocampectomy
    • Focal lesion resection
    • Customized neocortical resection
    • Hemispherectomy (removal of up to half of the brain to end seizures)
    • Corpus callosotomy (disconnect two sides of brain to stop abnormal waves from crossing)
    • Subpial transection (incisions in brain to block abnormal signals)
    • Awake craniotomy

    During the procedure, “brain mapping” is used to specifically identify the portion of the brain that is causing seizures so the surgical team can remove, or resect, that portion without affecting vital brain functions (language, motor, sensory, vision).

    With advancements in technology, surgical outcomes are improving. According to a recent study, patients undergoing temporal lobe epilepsy, the most common type, show a more than 80 percent reduction in seizures for more than 90 percent of patients and complete elimination of seizures in the great majority of patients. Almost half of patients also remain seizure free 10 years later.

    You may also experience significant improvement in lifestyle and social interactions. Between you and your care team, we'll guide you from surgery through recovery.

    Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

    Find more information about our epilepsy monitoring unit.