Fetal cardiology

Sometimes, heart defects can be discovered before your baby is even born. If your ob/gyn or maternal-fetal medicine specialist detects any possible issue with your baby's heart (usually at a routine ultrasound), he or she will coordinate a consultation with one of our fetal cardiologists. The fetal cardiologist specializes in diagnosis of heart defects in the unborn baby.

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During a consultation, a detailed ultrasound focusing on the baby’s heart is performed. If your baby is diagnosed with a heart defect, the experts in the Congenital Heart Center partner with other specialties to plan and coordinate high-quality care for you and your baby. 

Our pediatric and adult congenital heart experts work together and see patients in one location and deliver a full range of services:

  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Echocardiography: We utilize a unique technique for visualizing your baby’s heart. 3D echocardiography provides better visualization of the heart from every angle. This improves assessment of the anatomy of the heart and can assist in the planning of a surgery, if it is necessary.
  • Access to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital NICU: Having our NICU available at birth means you have access to some of the most technologically advanced treatments, equipment and expert care.

Pediatric Cardiology Care