Sickle cell disease in children

The severity of sickle cell disease can vary from child to child. With the help of our multidisciplinary clinic for sickle cell disease, we hope to keep your child healthy and out of the hospital. From helping your child prevent complications to being at his or her side when pain flares up, we are your team.

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Sickle cell disease results in the red blood cells becoming sickle-shaped (curved) rather than disc-shaped. This can cause painful episodes, serious infections, chronic anemia, and injury to body organs. The disease is hereditary, and most common in people of African and Middle Eastern heritage. With treatment, children with sickle cell disease can hope to live more active and healthy lives.

Your Child's Care Begins Here

Treatment for sickle cell disease involves preventing the most serious, long-term complications of the disease. Your child's multidisciplinary care team includes a hematologist (blood disorder specialist) and other pediatric specialists when needed. Together, we'll determine the best course of treatment, based on your child's age, health issues and medical history with specific medicines, procedures and therapies. We can also provide neurological evaluations, education, interventions and counseling. 

Even without a cure, kids with sickle cell can lead more normal and active lives. We focus on managing pain and treating the symptoms with medicine and other therapies.

Treatments We Provide

Blood Transfusion Program

A blood transfusion treats many sickle cell symptoms such as anemia, chronic pain and acute chest syndrome. In rare cases, a transfusion can prevent a stroke.


This is a promising medication to help reduce the frequency of pain and acute chest syndrome. It may also help reduce the need for blood transfusions.