Hemophilia in children

Hemophilia can be mild, moderate or severe, but in all cases, having expert hemophilia care is essential. As part of a national network of hemophilia treatment centers, our pediatric hematologists can offer you and your child the latest knowledge and most current treatments. This network joins us with doctors and scientists from all over the country, researching new ways to reduce hemophilia cases.

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Hemophilia is a lifelong genetic condition in which a person's blood does not clot properly. The best treatment plan will vary with the individual child, and promising new therapies for hemophilia are being developed all the time.

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Parents of kids with hemophilia who've come to us know they can depend on our expert children's hematology team. We've worked with hundreds of families to help them live successfully with hemophilia. 

While there is currently no cure for hemophilia, we help children successfully manage their condition. Our hematologists and nurses help parents prevent and treat bleeding episodes and provide lots of support for questions and concerns.

Treatments We Provide

Factor Replacement Therapy

Factor replacement therapy promotes clotting and prevents long-term joint damage due to bleeding.