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Lung transplant

Lung transplant is a treatment option for serious lung disease. A successful lung transplant may give you increased strength, stamina and energy. You should be able to return to a more normal lifestyle and breathe easier. We cannot predict how your body will respond to a lung transplant. The potential benefits do not come from surgery alone but also depend on you following the treatment plan prescribed by your transplant team.

Why might I need a lung transplant?

Lung transplant is a treatment option for lung disease no longer helped by medicine. When oxygen therapy and medication are no longer helping you breathe well enough to get through your daily activities, it may be time to consider a lung transplant. There are many different problems that can lead to end-stage lung disease. 

Your doctor may refer you to our clinic for evaluation. You may also choose to reach out to us if you no longer feel your medical treatment is working. Lung transplant is complicated and may not be right for everyone. The goal of a lung transplant is to improve the quality and length of your life. Your health care provider may have other reasons to recommend a lung transplant.

Why choose us

  • Our outcomes are better than national averages
  • We offer minimally invasive lung transplant surgeries 
  • Our program is involved in cutting edge research 
  • We are actively involved in lung transplant techniques not available at other programs 
  • We are a high volume, experienced program
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Spectrum Health is the only health system in West Michigan to perform lung transplants. Since 2013, the Spectrum Health Richard DeVos Heart & Lung Transplant Program has performed over 200 lung transplants. Transplantation is very complex and requires a group of highly trained and dedicated experts to walk the journey with each patient, family and friend. Choosing us means access to a program with top survival outcomes, innovative research, personal transplant coordinators and rapid clinical evaluations. Call us today to schedule a personalized evaluation to see if you qualify for our program.

When to ask for a second opinion

We will perform an evaluation to see if a lung transplant is an option for you. Our highly specialized physicians and surgeons will collaborate to discuss individual cases and develop personalized care plans for our patients. Please call our team to request a second opinion if you have experienced any of the following: 

  • You require oxygen therapy 
  • You continue to have symptoms even after medical treatment 
  • You have been told your health is high risk, you are a high risk or prohibitive for transplant, or you feel unsure about the recommendation from your current providers 
  • You would like to be dual-listed for transplant 
  • A second opinion regarding lung transplant candidacy should always be considered, transplant programs have different criteria for assessing acceptability

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