Advanced heart failure program

Important reasons for seeking care through our advanced heart failure program:

  • We are the only advanced heart failure program of this kind in Grand Rapids. 
  • We are the largest heart failure program of this kind in West Michigan. 
  • We have board certified advanced heart failure and transplantation specialists. 
  • We are the only program in West Michigan to offer implanted heart pumps to treat advanced heart failure. Our circulatory assist program also has been awarded advanced certification in ventricular assist device by The Joint Commission. 
  • We have the only heart transplant program in West Michigan. 
  • We have a special unit dedicated to providing care for hospitalized heart failure patients. 
  • We offer comprehensive services that address all aspects of heart failure, from diagnosis to palliative care. 
  • We offer an outpatient evaluation and treatment clinic.
  • We offer a subacute rehabilitation program (cardiovascular transitions) for heart patients at the Spectrum Health Rehab and Nursing Center. 
  • We have a unique "telehealth" home monitoring program. 
  • We empower our patients to participate in their own care, achieve better quality of life and reduce health care costs. 
  • We are researching new treatment options and pushing the envelope with technology that keeps patients enjoying a normal, quality life longer. 
  • Our cardiogenic shock team is one of the few in the country that can quickly provide lifesaving treatment in cases of collapse from heart failure. Patients are routinely flown here because of the depth of our emergency rescue operations.

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