Advanced hernia program

The advanced hernia program is West Michigan’s only resource for patients with recurrent and complex abdominal hernias that require extensive surgical repair.

Patients appropriate for referral have one of the following:

  • History of multiple recurrent ventral or incisional hernias
  • Recurrent hernias with infected mesh
  • History of abdominal trauma or intra-abdominal catastrophe with subsequent open abdomen
  • Hernias that are determined to require specialized care by a referring general surgeon

Patient participation in achieving pre-habilitation goals is critical to the success of their surgery. Our multidiciplinary team includes dietitians, social workers and behavioral medicine specialists who provide patients with appropriate resources to accomplish their pre-operative goals and support lifestyle changes. In a majority of cases, this includes smoking cessation, diabetes management and demonstrated weight loss.

Patients who are unable to demonstrate success with their pre-habilitation goals will be discharged from the program due to risks associated with their surgery. Additionally, the program will refer patients to a plastic surgeon if a panniculectomy or other soft tissue procedure is deemed appropriate for patient care.

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