Acid reflux (GERD)

Treatment options

Without treatment, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), can lead to more serious health problems. Our specialists can help you get relief. More importantly, we want to help you with long term solutions to keep GERD from progressing.

Treatment is sometimes as simple as diet or lifestyle changes. But too often, that's not enough. When even a piece of toast causes discomfort, you're understandably frustrated. Our specialists are experts in disorders of the esophagus. We have every kind of technology to assess your GERD and lead us to the best treatment options. If surgery is needed, we have the least invasive, most advanced care in the area. Learn about treatments here.

Diet and nutrition counseling
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Your doctor can work with you to identify triggers specific to you and get you on the road to a diet plan that best helps you manage symptoms.

Prescription medicine
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When lifestyle changes or over-the-counter acid medicines aren't enough, a prescription strength medicine may be just the extra intervention to manage symptoms.

Incisionless surgery
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The esophageal sphincter is repaired using the EsophyX™ device. This less invasive surgery is done through the mouth so no incisions are needed.

Lifestyle changes
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Losing weight, changing medications or even waiting after eating before lying down can make a difference. Your doctor can help you make a plan for the most important changes for you.

LINX® reflux management system
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The only available FDA-approved device to treat GERD and stop reflux, LINX®, is a small, flexible band of magnets placed around the base of your esophagus.

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