Lung cancer recovery and support to move forward

Our promise to you is that we will help support the progress you’ve made.

Recovery and maintenance are important parts of your journey.

You’ve been through so much so far, from the initial anxiety around diagnosis through the ups and downs of treatment and beyond. We know that you want to hold on to every milestone you’ve successfully crossed, and we will make sure that all the progress and momentum you’ve created are preserved and that you keep moving forward.

We're by your side throughout recovery and maintenance.

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Throughout your recovery and maintenance journey, there are many ways we can help and support you. Please call us to make an appointment today.

We offer holistic support to help you throughout your journey.

Community resources
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Our resources include information for accessible supportive care programs, in-person and virtual classes, and services available in your area.

Mental health services
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Our mental health services are designed to help heal and support your mind as you go through the process of healing your body.

Survivorship clinic
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Our goal is to help you have your best quality of life after lung cancer. To make that happen, we have created a survivorship team made up of advanced practice providers, cancer rehabilitation experts, dieticians and social workers who will develop a personalized plan specifically for you to maintain and improve your health. When you meet with your team they will:

  • Review your cancer diagnosis and treatment with you
  • Discuss any post-treatment issues you may be having

  • Give you a physical exam to check your health

  • Recommend healthy eating and exercise habits

  • Manage any symptoms you may be having

  • Connect you with any local resources that could be helpful

  • Work with you to overcome any physical, emotional, or social issues you are having

Cancer rehabilitation
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We are dedicated to helping you function at the highest level possible. Through cancer rehabilitation, our goal is to reduce or treat related health conditions that may occur during diagnosis and treatment to improve life towards recovery.

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