Lung Cancer Screening

Research from the National Lung Screening Trial showed that computed tomography (CT) screening significantly reduced lung cancer deaths in people over the age of 55 with a history of smoking. Lung cancer screening can help detect cancer early, when it is the most treatable, and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Spectrum Health Cancer Center recommends one low-dose CT scan each year for a minimum of three years for individuals between the ages of 55 and 80 who are at high risk for lung cancer. The scans must be done correctly by a specially trained technologist to minimize radiation exposure and the images need to be interpreted by radiologists as well as experts in pulmonary medicine. The risk factors include:

  • Active smokers who have 30 or more pack-years of cigarette smoking history (pack-years = packs per day x years smoked)
  • Former smokers who quit smoking within the past 15 years

If you don’t fall into those groups, you may not be eligible or benefit from screening.

If you are eligible, you will be scheduled for a low-dose CT scan at a location near you.

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As a designated Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Center of Excellence, we are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care. Low dose CT screening has shown to be the only proven method to detect lung cancer at an early and treatable stage.

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