Lung screenings are the stress-free way to make sure you're cancer-free

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Lung screenings are the stress-free way to make sure you're cancer-free

Services | Cancer | Lung Cancer Screening

Early detection is the most powerful tool against a lung cancer diagnosis. And at Spectrum Health, we make the screening process easy.

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Screenings are completely needle-free and non-invasive.

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Whether you used to smoke or you still do, we’re here to support you.

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The first time you’re screened, you’ll have a quick, 30-minute appointment with a doctor who will talk you through what to expect and answer your questions. The screening itself will take just 10 minutes.

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Get a lung screening at any one of our 16 West Michigan locations. And even though you’ll come into the office for the screening itself, you can meet with your doctor at home, virtually.

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Sometimes even free-free

Often, lung screening is fully covered by your insurance as preventive care.

Screening guidelines
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Lung cancer screening can help detect cancer early, when it is the most treatable, and increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. 

Spectrum Health Cancer Center recommends one low-dose CT scan each year for a minimum of three years for individuals between the ages of 50* and 77 who are at high risk for lung cancer. The scans must be done correctly by a specially trained technologist to minimize radiation exposure and the images need to be interpreted by radiologists as well as experts in pulmonary medicine. 

The risk factors include: 

  • Active smokers who have 20* or more pack-years of cigarette smoking history (pack-years = packs per day x years smoked) 
  • Former smokers who quit smoking within the past 15 years 

If you don’t fall into those groups, you may not be eligible or benefit from screening.   

If you are eligible, you will be scheduled for a low-dose CT scan at a location near you. 

*Insurance dependent based on new screening guidelines.

Early screening saves lives

The right team, all in one place

When it comes to cancer, getting the right team of experts is critical. That’s why we quickly conduct the tests needed to make a conclusive diagnosis. Then we bring a whole team of cancer specialists together in one place for one appointment with you and your family. You'll meet with the area’s finest surgical, chemotherapy and radiation therapy experts at Spectrum Health.

Screening locations

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Active and former smokers between age 50 and 77 are eligible and can benefit from screening.