Cancer Genetics Program

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Are you genetically at risk for certain types of cancers? In some families, a change or mutation in the genetic material, or DNA, predisposes those who carry it to developing cancer. This gene can be passed down from parent to child.

One indicator that your family carries the genetic risk is multiple family members with cancer. These cancers generally occur at younger ages than are typically seen in the general population. Sometimes people in families at genetic risk develop more than one type of cancer.

Spectrum Health's Cancer Genetics Program helps you identify if you have inherited cancer risks. But more importantly, it helps you know what to do with this information.

Our program was the first cancer genetics program in the region and is the only one in West Michigan staffed by a fellowship trained clinical geneticist as well as genetic counselors with master's degrees in the specialty. These counselors work individually with each patient to develop a strategic approach to risk assessment, early detection, risk reduction and prevention and research opportunities.

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