Why Choose Long-Term Care?

Improving Health, Inspiring Hope, Saving Lives

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Why Choose Spectrum Health?

We are proud to be a part of Spectrum Health, West Michigan’s largest, most experienced provider of long-term acute, rehabilitative, skilled nursing, residential and home care. Striving to help people live their lives to the fullest, we offer integrated services with a common mission: to provide goal-oriented, compassionate care.

Our Philosophy

We believe that providing an excellent rehabilitation program requires:

  • Conducting care with the utmost integrity, helping provide each individual opportunities to maximize their potential 
  • Providing a comprehensive, coordinated program that addresses the medical, rehabilitative, psychosocial and leisure needs of our patients with a goal of achieving optimal outcomes 
  • Involvement of family and/or caregivers in the rehabilitative process 
  • Recognizing that our staff members are our most valuable asset, we believe in investing in their knowledge and skills, and providing opportunities for growth 
  • Showing cultural sensitivity to the patients, families, and caregivers we serve 
  • Programs and standards to be cost-effective

What Sets Us Apart

Spectrum Health is the only West Michigan health system that provides a full continuum of are covering you entire medical journey. Our 24/7 provider access is what sets us apart from other facilities. We are proud to offer 5 (6 if you include Lakeland) long term care facilities that have a strong commitment to quality.

Volunteer With Us!

Offer friendly visits, singers, visiting therapy pets and for licensed cosmetologists to support patients.