A woman taking care of a small child on a table, she looks happy.

Spectrum Health and Priority Health have come together to offer the Going Home benefit.

This benefit is designed to offer you the opportunity to go home after one day of a vaginal delivery or two days after a cesarean section. After delivery, a Spectrum Health registered nurse, who is a lactation counselor, will contact you to arrange for your initial home visit at a time that is convenient for you. A second home visit may be scheduled during your first appointment, if needed.


You qualify for this benefit if:

  • You have commercial Priority Health insurance (employer or individual)
  • You deliver after 36 weeks
  •  You have no delivery complications
  • You live within 60 miles of Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital
  • You and your care team feel you and your baby are ready to go home

What can I expect from the home visits?

  • Checkup for mom and baby
  • Baby weight and jaundice check
  • Education on newborn care
  • Breastfeeding support and education, if needed
  • Education on post-delivery care
  • Answer any additional questions you may have

 Please plan on approximately one hour for each visit, depending on your needs. All information from the visits will be shared with your doctor. 

What Spectrum Health patients have to say about the Going Home benefit:

“The benefit was wonderful. The nurse was very nice. It was great to sleep in my own bed knowing the nurse would be there the next day to check on the baby. I wish I would have had this available for my other two children.”