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Quick Lab Results for an Accurate Diagnosis

Expert Lab Services

We know that timely service and convenience is important to you. That’s why we provide outpatient services at 40 easy-access locations across 13 West Michigan counties. We don’t require an appointment at any of our outpatient locations but we do require you to register prior to a blood draw or if you are dropping off a sample. 

Physicians and specialists rely on our lab professionals to perform lab tests and provide accurate and timely results. This information is critical in providing you with the right diagnosis and treatment. The best part is that you and your doctor don’t have to wait long for your results. Routine results are communicated to your health care provider within 24 to 48 hours and available on MyHealth, Spectrum Health’s patient portal. Critical test results are communicated directly to your physician or specialist.

Spectrum Health is a trusted lab resource to more than 800 physician offices as well as numerous hospitals, clinics, home care providers, insurers, and long-term care facilities. Each year, our highly skilled lab professionals perform more than six million diagnostic tests.  The clinical team at Spectrum Health is what makes our lab services among the best. Our team includes more than 600 staff members, including board-certified pathologists, PhD scientists, certified clinical laboratory scientists, technologists and molecular specialists.

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