Metabolic Wellness Program

This is the program to fuel your healthy future. Your metabolism is the body's amazing way of using food and water to grow, create energy and heal—basically to live. Our 12-week jump start program can show you how to boost your metabolism for better health.

If you have a sluggish, weak metabolism, serious consequences can begin, including:

  • High bad cholesterol, low good cholesterol
  • High triglycerides (fat in the blood)
  • Excess weight
  • High blood pressure
  • Insulin resistance
  • A larger waistline: 40"+ for men, 35"+ for women

These factors can lead to even worse health risks, like diabetes and stroke. 

If your metabolism is in need of a boost, join our 12-week jump start. Let us help you get back to great metabolic health.

Features of Metabolic Wellness Program

Education and Action
You are a big part of the program. We sit down together to find out what you need most and what will be your challenge. Then, we decide what will work best for you. Each of our powerful classes includes three great activity sessions for your week.

Expert Team Approach
Our metabolic wellness program was designed for you by an expert team. Heart specialists, exercise physiologists, nurses and dietitians brainstormed every angle of metabolic recovery. They collaborated and used their combined talents to find every way to help you boost your metabolism and feel your absolute best, every day.

Food for Fuel Training
Everyone loves to eat. But you don't have to risk your life to enjoy it. Let's talk fun food that fuels—and fits your family. We'll help you with nutritional know-how that also fills you with life. How you think and feel is also part of metabolic wellness. We'll also help you manage stress.