Hematology and Oncology for Children

About Our Service

Pediatric cancer and pediatric blood disorder services at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital are part of one of the largest pediatric cancer programs in the Midwest. Since 1989, we have cared for children and teens with all forms of cancer and blood disorders.

More than 600 patients visit our clinic monthly for tests and evaluations that include:
• Transfusion therapy
• Chemotherapy administration
• Laboratory monitoring
• Diagnostic consultations
• Procedures like bone marrow sampling with full sedation services

Additionally, we offer the only pediatric bone marrow and stem cell transplant program in West Michigan.

Our cancer program is part of a comprehensive children’s hospital. Our patients with childhood cancer have access to the full range of medical and surgical services dedicated to the treatment of these diseases.

Expert, Research-Based Care

The Haworth Innovative Therapeutics Clinic was established for the treatment of children with relapsed or refractory cancer at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Preclinical studies from our pediatric oncology translational research laboratory are translated into clinical trials for children seen at the clinic.

These internationally sought treatments include phase I and phase II trials for high-risk cancers or malignancies, including neuroblastoma. As part of these trials, pediatric tumor samples are analyzed with sophisticated gene analysis so that treatment can be designed specifically for each child. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital is proud to be at the forefront of advanced personalized medicine with national collaborations moving this research forward.

Children's Oncology Group

Our services are distinguished by membership in the national Children's Oncology Group, which means that all of our patients have access to the latest clinical trials and new therapies being used in the treatment of childhood cancer.